Winter Wonderland Kuwait

Winter Wonder Land

The Guide

Join us in a distinct opportunity in a multidisciplinary program uniquely designed by Loyac in which builds your interpersonal and communication skills. The Guides at Winter Wonderland Kuwait is a program uniquely designed for a group of young leaders who will capitalize on their full potential and skills in enhancing the Winter Wonderland’s Visitor experience.

The Guide Program:

The Program is kicked off with the guides undergoing interview assessments, a series of interpersonal and communication training sessions to prepare them for their part-time job in enhancing the visitor experience at Winter Wonderland Kuwait. After successfully passing the interview process and speech test and once ready for deployment, they are divided into morning or evening shifts and are assigned to different zones at Winter Wonderland Kuwait. Their various roles include providing attraction and event information to guests and patrons aimed at creating an enjoyable visitor experience.

The Guide Job Description:

-- Ticketing check in and scanning of Park Entrees.
- Initiating guest interactions through Reception and guest service / providing       direction/ crowd control.
- Collecting tickets and access passes.
- Reporting daily on facility and maintenance and any incidents that may occur.
- Providing information and directions to visitors.
- Handling suggestions or complaints.
- Greeting audiences and ensuring a pleasant atmosphere.
- Provide assistance to patrons entering or exiting amusement rides.
- Operating amusement concessions and rides.
- Assisting patrons in any problems that may occur in tickets or equipment.
- Monitoring and reporting of any problem that may occur in the grounds.

Job Requirements:

- Fluent in English and Arabic.
- Excellent verbal communication skills.
- Excellent Organizational skills and attention to detail.
ِِ- Able to work under pressure, while maintaining a positive attitude and       providing exemplary customer service.
- Presentable.

Age Group: 18 - 35
Program period: 4 Months (6 days a week)
Starting Date: December 2022 - March 2023