Transformative Vietnam



This program entails a journey of self-awareness through Vietnam, which will expand your consciousness through the transformation of your state of being, some of your basic preconceived worldviews, and your social responsibility towards the global society. The activities of this program best serve young adults who are yearning for a spiritual reconnection or desire to continue their everlasting journey of self-discovery.

The Transformative Vietnam itinerary includes a daily yoga program, which will be customized and facilitated by a notable Vietnamese female instructor, to satisfy the different levels of the group. Each day will host a set of various exhilarating activities, which include trekking, cycling, wildlife expedition, volunteering on a farm, and experiencing living with your own Vietnamese family in modest conditions.

  • Country: Vietnam
  • 21-28 (younger and older will be considered)
  • Date: 21 February to 28 February 2016
  • Accommodation style: Homestay, and 3-star hotels