The LOYAC community outreach team has been working on developing sustainable communities in Mombasa since 2006. This year, young volunteers will be returning to Kenya to expand on one of the schools we started building in 2010. Currently, the school operates classes from K-7, and by the end of the 2015-2016 school year, the 7th grade graduates will not have a classroom to cater to their 8th grade education. In July 2016, we plan to return to Mombasa and build the 8th grade classroom the pupils need and deserve. Tools and training will be provided to the volunteers to enable them to safely and manually build the classroom. There is also the opportunity for some youth to participate in discipline-specific voluntary programs within the National Museums of Kenya programs if requested in advance. A typical day on K4K2016 will include volunteering 8:30am-1pm, then engaging in cultural or entertainment activities from 4pm-8pm.

Program Highlights :

  • Building a classroom in rural Mombasa
  • Snorkeling in exploration of local marine life
  • Engaging with young Kenyan youth in cultural discussions
  • Visiting 14th century Omani settlements
  • Wild Safari and overnight stay at Tsavo East
  • Working with young adults who share your same responsibility towards the global community while learning, teaching, laughing, and exploring Kenya with each other
  • And more..

Application Criteria:

  • We believe everyone has something to offer. Volunteers don’t need to be qualified or experienced in any particular subject, but must have the willingness to learn, teach and be a team player.